We offer specialized domestic violence training for Clergy and the Faith Communities addressing domestic violence from a faith perspective. We offer programs using both scriptural and social based approaches to understanding the dynamics of domestic violence, proper counseling techniques, and how to establish a domestic violence ministry within the congregations. We conduct domestic violence seminars for congregations, providing linkage to community resources, and fostering a relationship with domestic violence centers, the courts and the church. We address ways to assist families affected by domestic violence and domestic violence proofing our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques.  Our trainings include training manuals and certificate of completions.

Breaking The Holy Hush

This is an introductory faith based training on domestic violence 101. It covers how to of training clergy members to recognize domestic violence within their congregations, the importance of listing to victims and how to avoid re-victimization and learning the characteristics of abusers and perpetrators and the do's and don'ts of proper counseling principles.

Empowering the Church to Address Domestic Violence

This program addresses why the clergy struggles with domestic violence and empowers them on how to confront the issue both spiritually and lawfully. The course includes, but not limited to, tactics on how to address domestic violence during pre-marital counseling, establishing policies and procedures for addressing violence within your church complete with action steps for clergy and other spiritual and auxiliary leaders.