Destiny By Choice, Inc. is vested in addressing the issue of domestic violence from a culturally specific, competent, and relevant viewpoint. Our desire is to ensure the “one size fits all” narrative is not perpetuated but through empowerment, education, advocacy and awareness will lead to effective advocacy, safer and stronger families.
Domestic Violence can be and is a very complex subject matter and cannot be most effectively addressed by any one entity or organization. The issue of domestic violence transcends color, race, gender, class, ethnicities, sexual orientation or preference. Faith Communities must be equipped and educated to address this critical epidemic of domestic violence because Domestic Violence often times exists in our congregations and our communities directly affecting 3 to 4 million women per year, millions of children and thousands of other victims. The Faith Communities must get a Godly perspective on the horrors of domestic violence and how to respond to it.


DBC is unique because it addresses domestic violence and other related abuse from both a conventional and a faith based approach. View our services victims, abusers and those community and clergy who assist both.


Our main objectives is to empower families and communities. We offer specialized domestic violence training for Clergy and the Faith Communities addressing domestic violence from a social and faith perspective.

Need Help?

Do you feel you are in danger? Are you in need of counseling or know someone who does? Visit our Getting Help page for contacts locally and nationally. We provide information on warning signs, to do lists and safety tips.