Our main objectives is to empower families and communities. DBC provides outreach to individuals, children and families through prevention and intervention education as well as support groups. The intent is to address domestic violence, anger management, make available parent education from both a conventional and practical approach that is inclusive of one’s faith and beliefs.  We offer empowerment , education, support, hope and tools to help affect “change” in the lives of at-risk individuals and families that have experienced difficulties in family relationships due to issues of domestic abuse.  Through our various programs:

Faith Based and Clergy

We offer specialized domestic violence training for Clergy and the Faith Communities addressing domestic violence from a social and faith perspective.


Empowering Family Focus, Enriching Community Trust (E.F.F.E.C.T) Programs we hope to be a vital component of redefining cultural norms between Communities (Agencies), Church (Faith) Families, and Courts

Men Programs

We provide programs tailored to men of domestic violence to be vital to their families, coach young men socially responsible in the community and guide troubled men to be functional in today's society.