To empower, advocate and foster healing for those individuals and families affected by domestic violence and other social related ills that disproportionately impacts the underserved within the African American Diaspora and Communities of Faith, through Culturally Competent Education, Empowerment, Engagement and Advocacy.


DBC, Inc.. is a non-profit 501c3 organization that was founded in the year 2000 as the Social Services Arm of New Destiny Family Worship Center in Belle Glade, Florida with the mission of “Fostering an Environment of Healing, Hope, Compassion and Safety for Those Impacted by Domestic Violence.” During its first 8 years, the Center was located in Belle Glade, FL a rural city in the western part of Palm Beach County with a population of nearly 17,000 with Blacks comprising nearly 54% of the population.  Belle Glade is a rural city that is agriculturally based growing and harvesting sugar cane, corn, rice and similar vegetation. Its main jobs were the Sugar Mills and the 3 Western County area Prison/Correctional Facilities all of which are in the western areas of Palm Beach County. DBC’s major focus was “Empowerment, Education, Services To Victims and Connecting The Faith Communities”.

DBC’s  success and collaborative partnerships with the judicial courts and the Department of Children and Families provided services to victims, perpetrators and families affected by Domestic Violence to keep the children safe and prevent termination of Parental Rights to victims of Domestic Violence. Our presence was very strong in the community.  DBC provided several community awareness functions such as forums, luncheons, candle light vigils and demonstrations.  Our (this) organization functioned without having direct grant funding from inception until now. DBC relocated its operational base to West Palm Beach in 2007 but continues to serve Palm Beach County western area. DBC expanded its territory and became more demographically specific in its targeted approach and focus; thereby changing its mission statement in 2008 to “Empowering Lives and Shaping Destinies of Those Impacted By Domestic Violence and Related Social Ills”.We continue to be a leader in providing education and empowerment through our support groups, seminars, forums, trainings and working with victim service agencies, churches, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, schools, prisons, correctional facilities, fraternities and sororities. We have served thousands of individuals and families, creating a safe and violent free environment.