Man Up Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

Our signature male program whose mission is to recruit, educate, empower and engage boys and men to speak up and out against domestic violence. This program teaches core values of healthy relationships, and exemplary behavior. Man Up Stand Up challenges Boys and Men to be upstanding and not by-standers and to hold one another accountable for their actions. The ultimate purpose is to galvanize socially responsible men to be a voice of respect and honor of girls and women.

Father’s Lifeline

This 10 session dialogue group is designed to engage in healthy discussion about the vital role of fatherhood from a societal, spiritual, personal and generational perspective. With interactive discussion we address the historical impact of fathering and fatherlessness. Participants will gain a greater insight of fathering and will receive information and resources that will reinforce the rewards of fatherhood and a greater desire to engage in the lives of their children.

Safe Return Domestic Violence

This 25 session curriculum prepares incarcerated men for re-entry into society by addressing issues leading to domestic violence, toxic relationships and abusive tendencies. The goal is to effectively address responsibility, accountability, sense of self-worth, contrition vs regret, healthy relationships, power dynamics, new normals, and boundaries, respect and order.

Developing, Empowering Accountability, Responsibility

D.E.A.R. is a modified, inspirational, restorative batterer’s intervention support group 26 week program that addresses offenders and perpetrators of domestic violence equipping them to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions by addressing their use of power & control and introducing them to abuse free techniques of achieving an equality mentality. (Men Only)