The Radio Show is called Hope & Healing: A Journey to Wholeness airs every Monday Night at 9:00 PM EST, 8:00 CST, 7:00 MST and 6:00 PST On the Soul of America Radio Network.

Listen by logging in at  and call in at (323) 784-9638.  This show addresses the issues of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Community Violence, Abuse, Abandonment, Spiritual Abuse, Trauma, Divorce, Death and Grief. It is designed to be a platform to educate, empower and help bring healing through the testimonies of victims and survivors, specialist, subject matter experts, Psychologist, Clergy and Law Enforcement.  Our special guests have included Mildred D. Muhummad the ex-wife of the DC Sniper and Award Winning Globally Recognized Expert on Domestic Violence. Dr. Annette Douglas- Behavioral Scientist; Former Deputy Chief Michael Blow of Prince George’s County Maryland; Dr. LaDonna Coombs, Domestic Violence Expert; Dr. Patricia Davenport- Domestic Violence Expert; Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis; Dr. Sabrina Harris; Dr. Valorie Parker; Sheila Bryan; Latheria Sigler and Tony Stallings just to name a few. 

Each week we are addressing current affairs and issues surrounding the subject matter and our lines are open for guests. The shows are practical, spiritual, empowering and liberating.

Look for some of our most requested shows archived on    “When Loving You Is Hurting Me”,  “Surviving Sexual Assault”, “From Pain To Power To Purpose” ” Domestic Violence Gone Wild”, “The Importance of Church and Faith In Addressing Domestic Violence” and “The Art of Forgiveness” to name a few.

Surviving Sexual Assault: with special guest Sharon Daugherty, Sexual Assault Outreach Coordinator
The Black & Blue Special Guests: Dr Annette Douglas and Former Deputy Chief Michael Blow
Violence is never Acceptable Special Guests: Dr Annette Douglas and Former Deputy Chief Michael Blow